“Why are my hands tingling?”

So my wife..tired..unmotivated for the gym..but still a trooper..decides to take a double serving of C4. Twenty minutes later she asks why her hands are itching.

After I finish laughing I let her in on the joy of preworkout supplements.



Being sick sucks

I’ve been sick for a week straight….Flu hit me right after I finished leg day last week and continued with fever, headaches, chills and other assorted b.s.  Finally starting to feel human again tonight and will hit the gym tomorrow night with the wife.

Nothing worse than tons of motivation to work hard and then get hit with a week of nothing but being miserable at work and home. Well hopefully it will be the last illness of the year and I’ll have months of progress ahead of me. Either way the flu can kiss my ass.

PACT issues

Well I ran into another issue with PACT. Seems its not properly recording my gps coordinates for my gyms location.

Aftee contacting their assistance online they informed me that it was recording my home address and not the gyms. They are crediting my account for the proper workouts and I’ve made some changes to location on my phone tonight so we will see if its been corrected.


Well just an update, so far so good. The app did fail to record one of my workouts when the phone lost signal but it has successfully recorded and given me credit for the past 6 sessions.