Pact App

To give myself a little motivational kick I signed up with the PACT app for android. Basically wager how many times a week you’ll train and if you miss a workout you get penalized $5.00.

I don’t have $5.00 to waste lol so I have to get there everytime. After I’ve put a few weeks into it to sort out any issues or bugs I’ll post a review for those who are interested.


5 minutes later young Tyler was abducted by aliens.



Finally have the wife joining me at the gym! Makes it far more enjoyable having a partner along.

As far as preworkouts go she’s never actually used any and we needed to select a basic one that would assist without giving her the jitters.

Personally I like Baddass, solid product that I received free samples of at last years Olympia Expo. I’ll give a review of my experience with the product after I finish off the months supply.

The wife tried and liked C4, definitely a solid product with a great track record. Though I have to use two scoops to get the needed kick she seems to be doing well at the lower 1 scoop recommendation. We’ll post a review of it as well at the end of the cycle.